Top Google Results

There are many techniques to get your website on the top results for Google. SEO Web Live only uses ‘white hat’ SEO techniques to achieve the very best positions for your website on the Google search engine results page (SERP). ‘White Hat’ techniques means that all the tricks of the trade that SEO Web Live utilize to improve your website positions are acceptable and within the terms of use of Google. In that way, your website will not be blacklisted.




Google is the #1 used search engine in the English speaking world. The latest results from ComScore show that 70% of searches performed in the US are done on Google as opposed to 14% on Bing, 13% on Yahoo and even less on msn and Ask. Since Google have the lions share of the searching market, it is always best to optimize your website so that it ranks highly on Google. Of course it is also important to ensure you website has good results on the other search engines.




SEO Web Live employs the best techniques to ensure your website ranks highly. The very first stage is to understand your target market and what keywords and search terms your target market is using to find your company and your products or services.  Next the website needs to be optimized for these keywords in a natural way. Depending on budget and your companies online strategy this could include Google or Bing paid advertising called (PPC advertising) to ensure your website ranks highly in the paid advertising section of the SERP. To ensure your website ranks highly in
the free (aka organic) area of the search, a variety of onpage and offpage SEO techniques need to be used. Alot of the Google algorithm focusses on how many other wbeistes have links from their website to your website (called inlinks). Another important factor for Google is the freshness of content on your website and how long visitors are engaged. SEO Web Live successfully optimizes websites to ensure they meet Google’s requirements and rank highly for specific keywords.


With higher results on Google and other search engines there are more visitors that arrive on your website and hence more new customers buying your products or services.