Offices opened in Tel Aviv

SEO Web Live is pleased to announce that we have opened our office in the heart of Tel Aviv. We now service our array of internal clients from this modern and vibrant city.



Tel Aviv gives us the vibrant atmosphere needed to help us work creatively to supply our clients with the best possible work and incredible results.


A bit about Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is located in Israel which is fast being seen as the start up capital of the world. With a large number of highly educated and entrepreneurial individuals all living in a small intense country, the outcome is that many innovative products and new ideas come from this tiny country.


While many in the media portray Tel Aviv as city located in a country constantly at war, for those who are lucky enough to have visited, they will note that in fact, the city is highly liberal, very modern and has a diverse range of people living it it that all enjoy the freedom of expression. War is the last thing that this city seems to say apart from when CNN or BBC try to portray it in this light.


Among the many high rise modern towers that house both residences and also offices, we are tucked away working hard to find the best solutions for our clients. Within a 5 minute walk of our office there are a plethora of shops, cafes and restaurants selling anything from basic falafel to a gourmet 5 course meal.


The best part of our office is no doubt the fact that it is a 7 minute walk from the world famous Tel Aviv beach where tourists come from all over the world to relax, catch some sun and hear the incessant sound of matkot (an Israeli beach game that involves hitting a ball with a paddle between two people).


We are thankful to be part of this city and look forwards to servicing all of international clients from this new home.