Making your business great

Don’t fear, don’t accept defeat, don’t be satisfied with the status quo.


Some motivation coupled with an incredible video:


The clients are out there, the work is waiting to be done, just be motivated and stick to it. I have heard of stories of many people who said the reason why their business succeeded was perseverance (some call it resilience). While I agree, I think there is one other important ingredient to a successful business or company, that being clients. I know its obvious, but no company survives without clients and they are the source of revenue coming into the business. Many companies have set plans of how to build their most incredible product or service but don’t know how to reach out and get new clients. This is where the terms like business development, sales, marketing come into play.


Here at SEO Web live we work with clients to build them new sales channels and allow them to reach clients that they would have otherwise wanted, but not have gotten to. The main skill in digital marketing is how to reach these new clients in a way that gives good return on investment (R.O.I). Since everything in the online world is trackable, clients can see exactly the impact of each marketing campaign and then draw conclusions of the profitability of continuing with that effort.


Whether a large or small company, without basic online channels such as SEO optimized websites and landing pages, pay per click campaigns running, social media activity etc, then you are making it nearly impossible for your potential clients to find you and to use your product or service. Think about it as if you were trying to open a store in a place where no roads led. The idea of our marketing services is to build those roads (yes plural) to allow potential clients to reach your store and for your products or services to add value to them and solve their issues.


Here at SEO Web Live, we connect business and clients. If you would like a free consultation of what we can do for you, we’d love to help!