Jerusalem Israel based SEO company

seo-isarel-jerusalemSEO Web Live is located in Jerusalem, Israel which causes some apprehension for some of our potential clients, but has a proven positive and profitable outcome for our current clients.

Firstly all of SEO Web Lives’ employees are ex-pats from English speaking countries which ensures SEO is done not just on a ‘high level of English’ but on a ‘mother tongue level of English’. Of course the small nuances in the way someone writes an article, blog post, status update or website content text does affect the way the target audience responds, and this is why it is SEO Web Lives’ specialization is in performing SEO in English for Israeli based, Jerusalem based and International clients. Our unique policy to only employ ex-pats from English speaking countries ensures a high quality of copywritten material is produced and target audiences in English speaking countries are approached in a manner that adheres to the their culture and background.

What also gives SEO Web Live a unique advantage as opposed to other SEO companies is that it located in Israel which is known as ‘the startup nation’. Israeli mentality creates a healthy and creative environment for innovative ideas to flourish and succeed. This Israeli culture is embraced by SEO Web Live and its employees which means that our clients don’t just get a simple A through to Z SEO service, they get innovative marketing solutions to allow them to reach their online business goals.

Israel also offers many advantages in terms of lower wages than in the US or UK, which is translated into more competitive prices from SEO Web Live compared to other SEO companies not based in Jerusalem or Israel. Also Israel is conveniently located between many time zones allowing meetings to be held at reasonable hours all the way from clients in Australia to clients on the west coast of the US.

Please feel free to watch a recent panel discussion at the Tel Aviv University MBA Recanatti School that discusses why Israel is considered the ‘start up nation’ and what makes Israeli businesses unique in terms of innovation and cutting edge technology creators of the world.