Growth Hacking

There are a lot of buzz words floating around which describe what we do here at SEO Web Live. Some people call it online marketing, inbound marketing and yet others call it growth hacking.

growth hacking experiments

So what is growth hacking and how can you generate more sales online by using the basic concepts of growth hacking?


Firstly start with a highly experienced online marketer/s who is up to date with the latest developments in the industry and techniques that harvest results. Then move on to squeezing the broadest range of innovative and creative (sometimes bordering on crazy) ideas out of this person. The ideas can range from changes in the user experience on your site to whacky ideas of online campaigns to grab your target audiences attention and bring them to convert on your website. That’s the thing about growth hacking……there is no set formula, but it all must lead to a conversion.


Tracking is vitally important for the whole growth hacking process. If you are not an excel freak who loves to see trends, crunch the numbers and then interpret them so as to have actionable outcomes, then you are in the wrong game.


How do you succeed? Well, by increasing the number of conversions on your site through any means possible and generating more quality leads or revenue for your business. That’s the only measure that counts for a business and that’s the ultimate goal and true measure of success in growth hacking.




In summary, an experienced online marketer that is also able to think creatively of how to generate more leads and conversions for a business, is a growth hacker and the proof of their success comes from simply more revenue for the business as a direct outcome of their marketing activities. But, it is a long process of testing, trial, error, tweaking and then formulating all over again until the right formula is found. And even then, a true growth hacker knows that there is no end, just constant new ideas, testing and tweaking of old ideas to squeeze the maximum out of every campaign.