Reach New Customers

Here at SEO Web Live we pride ourselves on being experts at helping you reach new clients.


Our methodology is to deeply understand your business, product and target market. Then we strategize on the most relevant online channel/s we could use within your budget to reach new customers for you. A new sales channel could be communicating to your target audience by developing a community on Facebook. It could be creating banners to show up on relevant websites (AdSense) with your branding and product/service on it. It could even be to create a viral video that allows you to spread your message/brand/product/service to your target audience through the use of viral marketing. These are just a few of the channels we successfully use for clients to allow them to find and communicate to new customers and eventually convert them.


All of our work is fully tracked so as to ensure the return on investment (ROI) is positive for each channel and campaign we run on your behalf. If a particular channel is not showing good ROI, we have a few options:

  1. Tweak the campaign, message or targeting
  2. Try a new variation of the message
  3. Try a new platform
  4. Kill the campaign on that channel and focus our resources on other channels heralding positive ROI

In the end, our methods are very scientific. Everything is tracked and we are fully transparent with our clients with our monthly reports.


Interested in getting SEO Web Live to develop new online sales channels for your business? Why not contact us and we’d be happy to chat about the possibilities and our vision to help you achieve your business goals.