Training Services

SEO Web Live offers digital marketing training services at your office location for your staff. A tailored curriculum is set before each session, and courses can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days. The sessions are planned and delivered by our lead digital marketing consultant Paul Vesely. Paul has many years of speaking at reputable events in the SEO industry such as SMX where he spoke in 2013 and 2014 on a panel of experts about web marketing.




Each training session includes different exercises, case studies and real world examples of successful online SEO and digital marketing strategies.


Many companies find this digital marketing training service a way to invest in their employees while gaining a cost effective outcome. When your business’s employees understand more about how to create, tweak and run a successful online campaigns driving targeted traffic to your website or landing page without expensive hours of consulting, the ROI for each new customer increases dramatically.

It is also SEO Web Live’s philosophy that you and your employees are the experts in your industry. You know your target audience the best, your products and services the best, and the competitive environment the best. By training your staff to perform basic digital marketing tasks, your company can gain massive return in terms of additional prospective clients reaching your website or online campaigns due to this knowledge. Of course it is always suggested that companies utilize their employees after training for certain digital marketing tasks and other higher level more complex digital marketing can be done by an online marketing expert.


Note: Onsite training is offered for clients within Israel. For clients based outside of Israel, special  provisions can be made such as using video conferencing equipment to achieve the desired results.