Social Media

Nowadays social media is an important part of any online marketing effort. Depending on the age group and demographic, up to 60% of weekly time on the internet can be spent on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. SEO Web Live has the expertise to think of creative ways of branding your product or service using the latest social media networks and also have a real impact on your market reach using these tools. The key to utilizing social media for businesses is thinking out of the box, and presenting the product or service in a way that will help it get recommendations from friends and grow socially. This type of marketing allows an idea, product or service to go ‘viral’ and generate the largest amount of publicity as possible.


SEO Web Live has alot of experience in gaining increased numbers of followers of brands via social networking which increased their brand equity and also allows for effective communication flow from the business to its followers. While anyone can build a facebook fan page or create a LinkedIn company page, the overall strategy behind it will influence its success and appeal to the target audience. This is where SEO Web Live can ensure the time and effort invested in any social media campaign does have a successful impact on the business itself.