Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a type of paid online advertising that allows an advertisement to be placed on platforms like Google for example. Each time the advert is clicked on, the advertiser is charged a nominal fee by Google. PPC has developed alot since the first time Google offered its AdWords (the text ads on the side of its search engine results). Now you can have text ads on its network of sites (using AdSense) in both text and banner form. Also Linked-In and Facebook have opened up to PPC ads which allows for very specific targeting using demographics and not just search terms. SEO Web Live offers clients a variety of PPC solutions to enable potential clients to find you in the most cost effective way.


Google AdWords PPCThe key to correct PPC campaigns is targeting and monitoring. Firstly when utilizing any platform such as Linked-In to promote your business, the ad needs to be optimized in a way it will only show up for your target audience (so as to minimize wasted clicks and cost) while also drawing the highest amount of clicks as possible to channel potential clients to your website or landing page. SEO Web Live has a great deal of experience in running highly successful PPC campaigns on a range of platforms with a budget as low as $4 a day until ROI can be proven and budgets can be increased due to success.


One of the main points of differentiation between using SEO Web Live and other SEO agencies is that all clients of SEO Web Live are the true and ultimate owners of the campaigns created. That means that all the account value built up when running a PPC campaign is always owned by you. You will also have full access 24/7 to your campaigns so as to control them as you wish. Each time a PPC campaign is created, key employees in your business will get basic training of how to control the campaigns, change budgets, keywords, and target audience data. This ensures that the valuable PPC campaign created under your company name, stays in yours hands, and are your assets.


The main success of any PPC campaign is dependent on how tightly the campaign is target to your target audience. Each platform for PPC such as Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook, LinedIn etc have their own intricacies that need to be known, so as to create a successful PPC campaign. SEO Web Live gives its customers the piece of mind, that through tracking the cost v’s the number of conversions (a conversion is when a new visitors arrives on your website and perform a task e.g signing up), the quantitative success of the PPC campaign can be attained. These tracking reports are delivered to the client so that you can gauge success.