Build Website

When deciding your company needs a new or improved website, there are many factors SEO Web Live takes into account that allows for highly sucessful websites to be built on time and to your specification. The number one factor is that SEO Web Live looks after all the technical aspects of building your website so that it is SEO friendly and optimized for search engines while still customizing every section of the website to suit your brand and online goals.

What makes SEO Web Live’s websites so SEO friendly?

  1. They are built with your key online strategic goals in mind
  2. To achieve your goals, tried and tested online optimization techniques are used
  3. Every nuance such as color of buttons, types of pictures used etc are tried and tested for success in getting visitors to convert (i.e. perform a specific task on your website)
  4. Each website is uniquely branded and is designed beautifully
  5. User interface experts are used so that navigation and layout is user friendly
  6. Wireframes are used before the design process even starts so as to ensure as much input and direction can be received by you before the design is finalized
  7. URL’s are made static and not dynamic for search engine friendly results
  8. All meta tags and robot text is taken care of by SEO Web Live to ensure search engines rank your website highly
  9. Sitemaps are submitted to all the biggest search engines to ensure your website is listed
  10. Proper onpage tagging of text is used so search engines index your pages smoothly and they rank highly in search engine results

Note that many website companies say that they build websites in an SEO friendly way, but in fact do not. It is best to build a website with SEO in mind from the start and not to start using SEO after a website has already been built.