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ORM Services

Online Reputation Management - Our experts can control the Google pages so only positive articles and mentioning are found when searching for your company or personal name. We have the ability to create natural looking positive content and optimize it so it ranks highly on Google. We operate as a type of digital PR firm to create real news stories about our clients which are highly optimized and content controlled and we have the added ability to get them to flood out any negative mentionings on Google using our SEO techniques.

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Covert Campaigns

Our unique mix of online know-how and intelligence experience allows us to perform covert campaigns whereby we can deliver a message to a specified target audience in a natural looking way.

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SEO Services

SEO Web Live offers extensive Search Engine Optimization services delivered by highly experienced SEO experts to suit your business needs. By analyzing what you want to achieve and setting clear online goals, SEO Web Live can deliver the exact SEO services you require. Here is a list of the SEO services we provide......

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Social Media

Nowadays social media is an important part of any online marketing effort. Depending on the age group and demographic, up to 60% of weekly time on the internet can be spent on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. SEO Web Live has the expertise to think of creative ways of branding your product or service using the latest social media networks and also have a real impact on your market reach using these tools. The key to utilizing social media for businesses is thinking out of the box, and presenting the product or service in a way that will help it get recommendations from friends and grow socially.

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Build Website

When deciding your company needs a new or improved website, there are many factors SEO Web Live takes into account that allows for highly sucessful websites to be built on time and to your specification. The number one factor is that SEO Web Live looks after all the technical aspects of building your website so that it is SEO friendly and optimized for search engines while still customizing every section of the website to suit your brand and online goals.

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a type of paid online advertising that allows an advertisement to be placed on platforms like Google for example. Each time the advert is clicked on, the advertiser is charged a nominal fee by Google. PPC has developed alot since the first time Google offered its AdWords (the text ads on the side of its search engine results). Now you can have text ads on its network of sites (using AdSense) in both text and banner form. Also Linked-In and Facebook have opened up to PPC ads which allows for very specific targeting using demographics and not just search terms. SEO Web Live offers clients a variety of PPC solutions to enable potential clients to find you in the most cost effective way.

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Training Services

SEO Web Live offers digital marketing training services at your office location for your staff. A tailored curriculum is set before each session, and courses can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days. By investing in online marketing training for your staff, you can cut down on consulting costs while benefiting from your current staff's knowledge of your industry to gain the most cost efficient results in finding new clients. Courses include SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Branding, Crisis Management, Story Telling, Landing Pages, Design, UX and Optimization.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • Results Focused & Driven
  • Highly Competitive Prices
  • Individually Tailored Plans
  • Creative Approach
  • Experiment Based Marketing
  • Transparent Monthly Reporting

SEO Web Live differentiates itself on a number of factors that generates highly satisfied clients. All campaigns are 'owned' by the clients which gives the client full 24 hour access to campaigns and an ability to change or terminate them. Clients are trained in the basics of SEO and how to modify campaigns so that they can independently (with monthly consulting) manage alot of their own SEO needs - this also makes SEO much more cost effective for most clients. Lastly, SEO Web Live offers innovative solutions to achieve the clients' desired online marketing goals. All results are measurable and quantifiable to ensure real benefit has been given to the client.

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About Us

SEO Web Live is a boutique SEO company set up with the explicit aim of providing highly personalized and tailored online marketing solutions to businesses in a variety of industries.

With a small team of dedicated SEO personnel, SEO Web Live can successfully get you the results you desire for a very reasonable price. The quantitative measure as to whether an online marketing campaign has been successful is set before a project is undertaken and is defined in terms of new leads generated, increased sales through online channels, or other measurable targets. This ensures that each client receives quantitative benefit from our SEO knowledge and innovative online marketing solutions.

Another differentiating factor between SEO Web Live and other SEO companies is that all campaigns created on platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are always owned by you, the client. Every client has full access to their campaigns and can change, pause or delete them on their own.

SEO Web Live also ensures that SEO training is included for every client. These trainings can range from a few hours for one employee to a whole training day on location with a group of employees. This ensures that you are trained to understand the basics of SEO and control the online campaigns created. This decreases cost and increases efficiency of campaigns since you are the expert in your industry and SEO Web Live creates, develops and then maintains your online SEO campaigns.