Links for Google Results

backlinks-inlinks-incomming-linksMany clients have trouble ranking on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) for keywords that is directly related to their products or services. While ranking highly for a brand name (especially if it is a unique brand name) is usually easy, ranking highly on a SERP for more general keywords is a challenge.


Here at SEO Web Live we have successfully implemented linking campaigns to raise rankings of clients websites to first page results for both highly competitive and medium competitive keywords. One of the ways in which this was achieved was by receiving a range of high quality inlinks (links from other websites  that point to the clients websites). These links were created using white hat SEO techniques. This all resulted in websites rising from lower pages on the SERP to first page positions and driving a huge amount more of target traffic to the clients website.


Google itself states that a major factor in deciding upon the rank of a website is dependent on the number and quality of inlinks. In Google webmaster tools it is clear how many and which sites are pointing to your site. SEO Web Live takes link building to a new level with complete competitor inlink analysis, guest posting on related blogs/forums/websites, listing your website in relevant directories and lastly gaining a high quantity of links from social media sources. There are also many creative ways to encourage links such as website badges for clients with a backlink and encouraging suppliers and your clients to place a link on their website for an incentive. All this pushes your website up in ranking and will positively effect the amount of traffic that arrives at your website.


It is important that this is all done inline with Google’s T.O.S so that a natural link web will be created and your website will not be blacklisted. SEO Web Live builds natural links after creating a strategic plan to ensure the long term high ranking of your website on SERPs.