Google Paid Campaign

google-adwords-clickWhen wanting to drive traffic to a website quickly and efficiently – one of the options is to run a Google paid campaign called  an Adwords campaign or a PPC campaign which stands for pay per click. These ads show up on Google’s search engine (or search network) and you pay a nominal fee (a bid that you make on keywords) to Google each time your ad is clicked.



So why use SEO Web Live to create your PPC campaigns in Google AdWords?

With many years of experience in creating targeted campaigns and tracking results to ensure return on investment SEO Web Live can utilize our collective professional experience to ensure your campaigns are not a waste of money. Through increasing things like the ‘quality score’ of your ad, using ‘broad match keyword’ search terms and ensuring your campaigns target the correct geographic area of your target market – we can ensure higher conversions. We track all clicks and set up goals as well to enable you, as the client to login and see which keywords are converting the highest.


A major point of differentiation that SEO Web Live offers is that all clients have full control over your valuable campaigns we create. That means that if you choose to take control of them in the future, all tracking data, keywords, goals and ad groups will be there.  You are also offered training by SEO Web Live to learn how to control and create more PPC campaigns yourself in the future.