Case Studies

So that you can see some of our past success and work, here is a few examples of SEO services that SEO Web Live have performed successfully for some of our clients. Feel free to contact us about performing any of these or other SEO services for your business.


New Website – A client in the transcription business had many issues with their website. They needed a new logo, new branding and of course a website that creates new customers. The focus of the website needed to get visitors to complete the ‘contact us’ form. You can click here and see how the new website look website with detailed before and after pictures.


Google Paid Campaign – This client requested that we run an advertising campaign for them focused on two main geographic markets: China and North America to gain more clients and help promote their unique business to a wider audience of potential clients. See how this paid campaign on Google AdWords was managed and how it was eventually a great success with a good R.O.I. Click here to read more.


Links for Google Results – Many websites have an issue of not ranking highly on search engine results and want to have their website listed higher on the first page of Google. Alot of this can be attained through natural linking. See the tricks of the trade used to increase websites rankings on Google through linking by clicking here.